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Dance Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

Dance Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

In the center of Stockholm, there is an unusual dance museum. Many tourists even specially plan dates, as various events are held at the dance museum depending on the time of year.

The museum was opened in 1953 at the Royal Opera House of Stockholm. The museum's collection was replenished, and in 1999 the museum moved to the building of the former bank. And now, more recently, in the spring of 2013, the museum moved to Drottninggatan 17.

The museum appeared thanks to an exhibition of the history of dance, which took place in Paris. Its founder was Rolf de Maare. So this exhibition, after a while, became dance museum.

The museum exposition has a lot of interesting things: unique costumes, masks, posters, books on dances and much more. In addition, in the museum you can learn about the development of dance in the world, as well as about national dances of other countries.

Watch the video: ABBA-AGNETHA,ANNI-FRID,BJÖRN u0026 BENNY at the MAMMA MIA PREMIERE in STOCKHOLM (January 2022).